zipline_title__iconZIP LINE


You’re surrounded by lush green trees, a gorgeous dense forest, crisp mountain air, and bright sunshine… How about a whole lot of adrenaline too?

Welcome to Flying Fox at the Forest! The longest zip tour in East Africa at over 2,200 metres takes you flying fast and high over Kereita Forest, offering unique views of the stunning landscape. Zip across mountain valleys at speeds of up to 60 km/h, skim the treetops, glide under giant forest canopies, while enjoying an adrenaline rush like no other! With distant views of Mount Kenya and perhaps a glimpse of a Colobus monkey or elephant nearby, this is a zip tour like no other!

Built and operated to the highest international safety standards by Flying Fox, Asia’s leading zip tour operators, the tour encompasses 6 big zip lines, with short walks between each, offering ample opportunities to explore. Two of our instructors give you safety training and the chance to practice on a short, low zip line before you set off on the tour. Our instructors ensure your safety on every zip and point out interesting facts and features along the way – there’s always something to see at The Forest!

Customer safety is our chief priority. Our zip wires and equipment are checked daily by instructors, monthly by managers and two or three times per year by international inspectors. In September 2016, the tour underwent a rigorous 3rd party safety inspection and was certified to European Standard EN 15567 by the UK’s leading high ropes inspector. He declared Flying Fox at The Forest one of the best zip tours in the world!


  • Cost per adult Ksh 2500 & cost per child (under 12) Ksh 2000.
  • Total line length: 2,221 m.
  • Course Duration: 2hrs.
  • Maximum client weight: 115 KG.
  • Minimum client height: 1.4M (4 ft. 7 in.)


  • Dress comfortably, wear sports shoes and bring along some warm clothes and a rain coat – we’re in the mountains after all! Sunblock would help, as would a sun hat depending on the weather. No skirts, dresses, high heels or jewellery please.